Akusasik (akusasik) wrote,

I'm considering going carless. Want your input.

Financial considerations:
+~$2500 a year in Insurance
+~1200 a year for renting out parking spot
+ maintenance, oil, repairs, etc.
- whatever I'll spend on cabbing, TTCing and car rentals.

The plan is to sell the car to parents and put money into TFSA. God knows there's plenty of space.
It's parked at their place more then half of the time anyways.
I don't really need it. They will have to buy a new one very soon, with grandparents coming here and all.
When I do need to get somewhere in Toronto, biking, cabbing and TTCing comes out way cheaper, if somewhat inconvenient. Plus, at this point I all but lost my hatered for public transit.
There is a Enterprise Rental 15 minutes of walking from me, so if I ever need a car to go out of town - Waterloo, Montral, US, I can always rent one. It's not that expensive, if a credit card covers insurance, and I get to drive a different new car all the time.
I can also always borrow the car from parents for the weekend. They've been borrowing it for the last half a year.
I don't get to ride around like a bous in a shiny bigass SUV.
I kinda really like this car.
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